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TOWAM's ISO 14001 Environment Management System Policy is to ensure that all the activities, products and services are focus towards environmental conservation. To align with this policy, vendors must also be committed and support in their operation, process and services towards achieving this objective. Hence, we expect all vendors to comply with Malaysian Environmental Laws, must be aware and abide by the environmental control guidelines as listed below.

(1) Vendor shall get authorisation from the Security before entering to TOWAM       premise(s).
(2) Slippers, open shoes and short pants are not allowed to be worn in TOWAM       premise(s).
(3) Usage of mobile phone, tablet and camera is prohibited in TOWAM premise(s).
(4) All tools are to be declared at the Guard House.
(5) Vendor is not permitted to use any equipment or tools belonging to the company       unless authorized.
(6) Smoking inside the premise(s) is not allowed except in Smoking Zone.
(7) Vendor have to switch off the light when not in use and ensure water tap is turn       off after used.
(8) During loading and unloading, the driver must be around and turn-off the car       engine.
(9) Area must be properly clean-up after the service before leaving.

(1) Vendor must ensure they are legally authorize to sell/ import/ trade chemical(s).
(2) Vendor will be fully responsible and bear all the consequences/ cost if any       incidents/ accidents happens due to their (including anyone under their control)       negligence.
(3) Chemical containers must be labelled, classified and packed in accordance to the       Occupational Safety and Health (Classification, Labelling and Safety Data Sheet of       Hazardous Chemicals) Regulations (CLASS Regulations).
(4) Containers must be strong to prevent from the leakage and lid of containers must       be tightly closed.
(5) Safety Data Sheet (SDS) must be available upon request.
(6) Chemicals must be properly handled to prevent spillage when delivering or       handling in TOWAM premise(s).
(7) Incompatible chemicals e.g. acid and alkali shall be properly segregated.

(1) Vendor is fully responsible on all kind of waste generated in TOWAM premise(s).
(2) Non scheduled waste should be disposed into general waste or recycle bin       (recyclable waste).
(3) All kind of scheduled waste must not be disposed within TOWAM premise(s)       without getting authorization from requestor Department.
(4) TOWAM will not be responsible on the disposal of chemicals or contaminated item       if the chemical is not own by TOWAM.
(5) Vendor should be responsible on the disposal of scheduled waste accordingly as       per EQA (Scheduled Wastes) Regulations.

(1) Vendor shall be responsible for their own safety.
(2) Vendor must wear PPE as and when requested by requestor Department.
(3) Signage's and barriers shall be placed and displayed as and when necessary.
(4) For overhead work above 3 meters, safety helmet must be worn.
(5) Vendor must follow TOWAM safety rules with supervision of requestor Department.

(1) In the event of major oil/chemical spillage or any incident in the plant, please       contact guard house at extension 5825.
(2) When the fire alarm triggers, vendor must immediately evacuate their work place       through emergency exits.
(3) Refer to requestor Department for the emergency evacuation routes during your       first visit to TOWAM premise(s).
(4) In case of fire, do not use the lifts.

(1) Vendor to provide adequate training to their employee and ensure the employee is       competent to perform the task.
(2) The contract may be terminated if it is deemed that the vendors are not willing to       correct the violation.